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Exclusive Remix/Album/Single

It's been a while since the last blog entry. Are a few quick news soon....

Update: 2023/08/09

Exclusive Remix/Album/Single

It's been a while since the last blog entry. Are a few quick news soon....

Update: 2023/08/09

Exclusive remix now in Stores...

for month I was asked at short notice whether I can contribute a remix to a song. When I heard the original, I couldn't say no and I did it.... 

Now I got the message that the remix will be released separately on Abora Recordings sub Chillout.

Update: 2023/03/20

Envlving Moments

Like a warm autumn day, this song rises in a stunning atmosphere. A touch of a guitar sounds. Surrounded by mystical vocals in the background. Coming next....

Update: 2022/10/03

Re#Born V/2

Here it the second edition of my "Re#Born" series. 2 Brand new songs in an extraordinary sound experience ...

Update: 2022/08/15

Back on Elpida Music

After one year there will be a follow-up single to Leveler. I am happy to release it again on Elpida Music. And I have this time again a great remixer on board. More info coming soon....

Update: 2022/06/20

Re#Born V/I.

On 10.6. is the start of the new release series of "RE#Born".  Since there will be no album, there are in the current Monten always 2 songs in one package. All songs from the "Re#Born" series fit behind each other and into each other. Let's see how it all fits together in the end!

Update: 2022/06/03

Next great release coming soon....

And on we go. A few songs are still on my list for this year. In advance I can already say. One single is already finished including remix. More about it will come soon.

Update: 2022/04/14

Single: The Visitor released

Great start into the new year with my new single. With over 6500 plays worldwide in the first few weeks only on Spotify, you can say the late start is successful.

Update: 2022/03/16

More than a month ago

Hey and yes I'm still alive. Unfortunately, the year has started rather sad for me, which led to the fact that I had withdrawn a bit. But I can tell you. It continues musically.

Update: 2022/02/10

Final song for this year is on the way

The year 21 is drawing to a close with great strides. I have sponta in the last two weeks still written a song for the contemplative and cold days of the year. This will be released on December 10. 

Update: 2021/11/20

Collab refeshed again...

After more than 10 years and never out of sight, we want to work on new songs again. I am looking forward to the next songs with her. 2k22 can coming...

Update: 2021/11/07

New Song coming soon...

Back to the roots. Since I am from the area of the trance sound, it has grabbed me and I have produced a melancholic song in this genre... Release date: 2020/10/15

Update: 2021/10/31


After the release of "Leveler" and the great support, I'm working on an EP and a follow up single. It remains exciting. More info to follow....

Update: 2021/08/11

Fantasic Start...

The remix by Golden Sky is support by Orjan Nilsen "In MY Opinion Radio" Show #035
<< Checkout the Show. >>

Update: 24.07.2021

New Single Release alert

The 4th release come out on Elpida Music incl. Remix by Golden Sky 2021/07/16.
<< Pre-Save now on Spotify. <<

Update: 07.07.2021

Drifting Galaxy featured on a Complation

After the release of my 3 mini EP the song "Drifting Galaxy" was featured on the great compilation "Progressive Supervision".....

Update: 07.07.2021

Upcomming Single on Elpida Music

The cat is out of the bag. There is a single coming on the label of Danel Wanrooy (Elpida Music/Black Hole).Incl. a remix of (Golden Sky). The date is not yet fixed.....

Update: 24.06.2021

Great news coming soon....

Everything nice brings the May. Not only my round birthday also a conversation for a release at a major sub label is pending. If what is ready to speak I'll let you know... .. 

Update: 02.05.2021

Out Now...

The third realeas with a small colab. with Nick Stevens and back on track into the gerne "Progressive House". Check the cool vibes of "Drifting Galaxy & Cold Morphing"... 

Update: 22.04.2021

Out Now...

My Second release with 2 great Downtempo/Chill Tracks now in stores. I love the cool amtosphere at the tunes... 

Update: 14.04.2021

Out Now

It's time for new music in the young year. 2 songs that are completely different from what you know from me. Let yourself be surprised...

Update: 17.01.2021

Hello 2021......

it is just a number but one that carries hope. I hope you got in well. In this sense I wish you all the best, health and may your plans succeed 

Update: 07.01.2021

HoHoHo.. Happy X-Mas....

Today is the day. Senta is on the way. I whish your all happy christmas and a happy new year... :D 

We hear us in 2021
Update: 24.12.2020

New Ways, New Focus....

The new subpage has already been created. From 2021 it goes with new sounds and stems further forward. More here... Promised...

Update: 23.12.2020

My Song "I like it Like That" incl.

The remix by Mark Van Rijswijk is also include on this great selection. 

Download/Stream: Beatport / Spotify
Update: 22.12.2020

Short News

Lest go with the latest news here on my home base....