The musical purity through different genres, needs a place to grow. Here it will be developed.

Here you can find the publications coming from my  company....

Like a warm autumn day, this song rises in a stunning atmosphere. A touch of a guitar sounds. Surrounded by mystical vocals in the background. Driven by trance/progressive beats, plucks, pads rounded off with a quiet vocal part.
Get caught up in my world surrounded by sounds and realistic background effects. It's time to let yourself drift....

After the first issue is already a few weeks ago, I'm happy to bring here the successor for you to the start. "Re#Born V/2" is only available. And I'm really looking forward to your feedback. Also here in the second edition there are again great sounds that do not come from the tube. Also vocally I tried to go other ways. Listen in and stream carefully.

 A new journey starts with this new first chapter of non album selection. The first second Songs are apart of an diffrent art of an album. All upcoming track from the Re/Born selctions serie become a whole in the end. Let yourself be surprised and dive into a world of sound that will be different as well as somehow familiar to you. 

After a long time it was time to go back into the genre of trance. Driving beats and bass, juicy synth sounds driven by a unique melody. This song has everything the trance heart desires.

As the name suggests, it can really only go into a quiet genre. A light piano melody, accompanied by light pads and strings. Atmospheric environment and soft beats.

Here is the small collaboration and this time it goes in the direction of "progressive house". Also here it remains experimental. Always swim in the same soup is not so my thing. Therefore, these two songs are again unique and will find its lovers. 

Sense Tide is a quiet release with two songs full of atmospheric sounds and soft melodies. Let yourself drift and dive into a deep phase of relaxation

As a musician and producer, you have to develop musically. 2021 is for me the year where I let myself drift. Starting with the first 2 track single. Just the right soundtrack in the background while playing or whatever....

The FMP Legacy Selection

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